Apply Payments to Customer Accounts

You can apply payments to a customer's account when you receive payment prior to invoicing the customer.

Applying payments to a customer's account allows you to effectively hold the payment until you are ready to apply it to the appropriate invoice(s) later.
  1. In AR Cash Receipts, enter the payment information.
    For more information, see About the AR Cash Receipts Form.
  2. Click to save the record.
    The AR Initialize Receipt form displays.
  3. Select On Account and click Initialize.
    The AR Payment on Account Form displays.
    Note: If you do not select the On Account radio button on this form, the AR Payment on Account form is still accessible by clicking the On Account button in the AR Cash Receipts form
  4. Enter the On Account payment information.
    The system automatically defaults the payment amount in the Amount field. For more information on individual fields, refer to the F1 help.
  5. Save the record and close the form.
    The AR Payment on Account form closes. On AR Cash Receipts, the On Account field displays the payment value, as does the Total field.
From here, add additional payments or process the batch. For information on applying an “on account” payment to an invoice, see Assign "On Account" Payments to Invoices.