Invoice Payments

If you initialized payments (using AR Initialize Receipt), the system applies payments based on the information entered during initialization.

If the payment amount fully covers the invoice, the appropriate amount is applied to each line on the invoice. If the payment amount does not fully cover the invoice, the system will apply the payment to each item on the invoice (sequentially) until the payment amount is fully distributed. You can change the applied amounts as necessary and/or the items to which the payment is applied. If taking a discount, do not subtract that amount from the amount you are applying. The system will automatically adjust the Total payment (shown above the grid). For more information about taking discounts, see the Discount Taken subtopic below.

Note: If the selected invoice was created in Job Billing and still contains open retainage, a warning is displayed (in red) as a reminder that when applying cash to Unpaid Retainage in AR, the Open Retainage value in JB becomes inaccurate.

If you did not initialize payments, you must apply payment to invoice lines manually. You can enter the Apply Amount, Apply Tax, Apply Retg, and Apply FC charge values manually or have the system apply them automatically by placing focus in the Apply Amount column and pressing Ctrl + A. Payment amount must be sufficient to cover the indicated amounts.