Field Definitions: AR Credit Notes Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the AR Credit Notes form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Specify the customer (from AR Customers) to whom these credit notes apply.


Display only, the sequence number assigned to this credit note entry. Sequence number is auto-assigned once you save the record.


Enter the AR company to which this credit note applies. Company must share the same Customer Master as the active company (i.e. must have the same AR Customers group designation in HQ Company Setup).

Entry in this field controls which credit notes the specified company can access. If you enter a company here, the credit notes will be accessible for the specified company only. If left blank, the credit note will be accessible to all companies sharing the same Customer Master as the active company.

Note: If you specify a company different from the active company, when you refresh the form, the entry will no longer show in the grid.


Enter the date you initially contacted this customer regarding this matter.


Specify the person contacted, up to 30 characters.

Follow-up Date

Specify the date that the follow-up call or contact was (or will be) made.


If applicable, specify to which invoice (must be a valid AR invoice number) this entry applies.


Check this box if this matter has been resolved.

Leave this box unchecked if this matter has not been resolved.

User ID

Display only, the login of the user who added this entry.

Created Date

Display only, the date this entry was created.


Enter a brief summary of the conversation that occurred, up to 30 characters.


Use this tab to enter any miscellaneous notes about this item. The space allowance is virtually unlimited.

Add Standard Notes

To add standard notes (set up in HQ Standard Note), make sure focus is in the Notes box and click the right mouse button. From the shortcut menu, select the Standard Notes option, which brings up the Std Note Copy window. Enter the standard note to copy and click OK to add the note. Note will be appended to the end of existing note text (if applicable).

Spelling Check

A spell check can be run for any notes entered in this window. Click the Spelling button in the toolbar () or select the Spelling option from the Tools or shortcut menu.

Tip: To use the Tab feature (such as to indent the first line of a paragraph or create columns), you will need to press Ctrl + Tab for each tab increment.