Add Default Attachment Types for MS Invoices

If you will be including attachments during invoice delivery, you can set up the attachment types to use by customer.

Attachment types identify the different attachments that may be included when delivering invoices to a customer. For each customer, define one or more attachment types that you will use during invoice delivery.
Note: You cannot change the Attch Type ID on an existing record. If the attachment type ID is incorrect, you must delete the record and add a new one for the correct attachment type. If you need to change any of the information for an attachment type (that is, name, description, months to retain, and/or security status), you must do so via DM Attachment Types.
  1. From the main menu, select Accounts Receivable > Programs > AR Customers.
  2. Click the Material Sales tab.
  3. Click the Default Attachment Types button.
    The AR Default MS Attachment Types form appears.
  4. In an available Attch Type ID field, enter an attachment type ID, or press F4 to select an attachment type ID from the Attachment Type ID Lookup window.
    Tip: You can add new attachment types if needed by pressing F5 in the Attch Type ID field to access the DM Attachment Types form.
  5. Add additional attachment types as applicable.
  6. Save the record.
The attachment types defined for the customer will now be available for selection when adding attachments during invoice delivery.