Calculate Finance Charges

Use the AR Calculate Finance Charges form to specify a transaction dates for all system-generated finance charge invoices and enter criteria to determine how this form pulls invoices for finance charge assessment.

To set criteria and begin the finance charge calculation:
  1. (Optional) Select the Set for Due Date… check box to have the due date for all finance charge transactions equal the transaction date.
  2. Enter a transaction date in the Transaction Date field.
  3. (Optional) Enter a date in the Due Date Cutoff and Paid Date Cutoff fields.
    Note: The difference between the due date cutoff and the paid date cutoff represents a grace period for customer to pay any overdue balance.
  4. Select a recalculate option from the Recalculate Each Customer section.
  5. (Optional) To restrict by customer, enter the customer number in the Customer field.
  6. (Optional) To restrict by receivable type, enter the type in the RecType field.
    Note: This option only applies to customers with a finance charge type of R-RecType or I-Invoice.
  7. Click OK. A dialog box displays.
  8. Click Close. The AR Calculate Finance Charge form closes and transaction information displays in AR Finance Charge, including the calculated finance charge(s). Edit transactions as necessary.
    Note: Although you can assess and pay finance charges on contract invoices, the system does not update the finance charge portion of the invoice to JC; only the invoice amount updates to JC.

    About the AR Finance Charge Form