Adding a Transaction to an AR Batch

You can use the AR Add Transaction to Batch form to add previously posted transactions to an open batch.

The transactions available to add to a batch differ depending on the batch month. For example, a transaction that was previously posted in 01/20 can only be added to an open batch with a batch month of 01/20. You can only add invoice transactions that originate in AR. Invoices that originated in JB, MS, or SM must be edited in those modules.
  1. From the AR Invoice Entry, AR Cash Receipts, or AR Finance Charge forms select File > Add Transaction.
    The AR Add Transaction to Batch form displays.
  2. Use the Add Transaction to Batch form to add a transaction.
    The system adds an additional sequence containing the transaction information to the batch. The system enables the Action field which now displays C-Change.
  3. Modify transaction information as necessary.
  4. If you need to delete a transaction from the batch, select D-Delete from the Action drop-down. The system removes the transaction during the batch process.