Miscellaneous Distributions

This option is available from either the AR Invoice Entry or the AR Cash Receipts programs, and is used to distribute amounts of an invoice or payment for which separate accounting and tracking may be required.

Distributions are primarily used for reporting purposes; they do not affect any AR posting, nor are they interfaced to the Job Cost, General Ledger, or Cash Management modules.

Distribution codes are set up in AR Misc Distribution Codes, providing you with a means of tracking any type of distribution that fits your company's needs. For example, you could set up a distribution code for each salesperson in your company, allowing you to track commission amounts. Or, you could set up distribution codes for each city to which your company pays business taxes, allowing you to track the amounts owed for each city.

Typically, distributions of the same type are not entered for both invoices and cash receipts. The system tracks each distribution as a separate entry; entries made to both invoices and payments do not balance each other out. It is suggested that you designate which types of distributions are to be entered when posting invoices, and which types of distributions are to be entered when posting payments. This method will provide you with a more accurate way of tracking and reporting distributed amounts.
Note: Distributed amounts are stored in the Miscellaneous Distributions file (ARMD), where they can be accessed when creating reports. Since miscellaneous distributions are automatically purged from the ARMD file when you run any of the AR purge programs, be sure to print any reports you may have created to track miscellaneous distributions before you run the purge programs.