About the CM Clear Entries Form

The CM Clear Entries form allows you to designate the items that have cleared on the bank statement.

Once you specify the CM account to work with, the current Statement Date displays, along with the Display Through Date and the Default Date Cleared.

The Balance Info and Cleared Totals sections are display only, and show balance and cleared totals information for the current statement date.

  • Balance Info – This section displays the statement balances. The variance is the difference between the Working and Statement balances. This total changes automatically as the clear status of entries change. When all of the appropriate entries have been cleared and any needed adjustments have been made, the variance should be 0 (zero), indicating that the statement has balanced.

  • Cleared Totals – This section displays the total amounts, grouped by category, of the items marked as cleared. This is another aid to determine whether a statement is properly balanced. Most bank statements break down the items into categories similar to those displayed here—Checks and Electronic Payments, Deposits, Adjustments, and Transfers—so that you can cross reference the total amounts on the statements with those of the system.