Field Definitions: CM Clear Entries Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the CM Clear Entries form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Display Through Date

Display Through Date field on the CM Clear Entries form

Specify the date through which to display transactions for this CM account. Initially defaults to the current statement date. All transactions (checks, EFTs, deposits, adjustments, and/or transfers) posted on or before this date will display in the grid below.

Note: Transactions displayed will depend on the items you selected for display in the ‘Check Items to Display’ selection box to the right of the grid.

Check Items to Display

Check Items to Display section on the CM Clear Entries form

Select the check box for each of the items you want displayed in the grid. You must select at least one transaction type and one entry type, regardless of whether you are selecting items to display in the grid or whether you will be using the Initialize feature.

Transaction Types:
  • Checks/Electronic Payments

  • Deposits

  • Adjustments

  • Transfers

Entry Types:
  • Outstanding Entries

  • Cleared Entries

Default Date Cleared

Default Date Cleared field on the CM Clear Entries form

Enter the date cleared for all transactions being reconciled. This will default to the statement date that is normally used if clearing all items on a statement. However, if clearing items daily, this may be the actual date cleared.


Cleared check box on the CM Clear Entries form

The system will automatically select this check box for all entries cleared through Initialization. If clearing entries manually, select this check box to indicate this entry was cleared.

Do not select this check box if this entry is outstanding (was not cleared). If you need to reset all cleared entries to “outstanding”, you can use the Undo button (bottom right of form) to reset all entries at once.

Date Cleared

Date Cleared field on the CM Clear Entries form

If entries were cleared through initialization, this field defaults the Statement Date. If entries are cleared manually, this field defaults the Default Date Cleared specified above. Date may be overridden.

This field is used as the date cleared for entries in the grid. If you clear entries monthly (when you receive your statement), this will most likely be the same as the statement date, and all entries will show the one date as the date cleared. However, if you receive information more frequently from the bank of items cleared, such as daily, then this may be the actual date cleared.

Cleared Amt

Cleared Amt field on the CM Clear Entries form

This field automatically defaults the total Amount of the transaction. If the actual amount cleared by the bank differs from the default, enter the cleared amount. The line’s color will change to Yellow to indicate that there is a discrepancy between the transaction’s amount and the cleared amount. These discrepancies can be reviewed by printing the CM Differences report.

Note: If you clear a voided check (those with Void column set to Y), the cleared amount will default to 0.00 since no true amount is being cleared.