Account Codes

Each General Ledger account is identified by a unique account code, making up what is commonly known as a Chart of Accounts.

Each application of your accounting system compiles information to be posted to the account codes set up in General Ledger, thus producing statements that reflect the financial condition of each company. Because Viewpoint’s account codes have many characteristics that you can control, you must first understand the options before you can begin setting up your account structure.

The format of this field is defined to your specifications at the time your software is installed. It cannot be changed once you begin entering data. The standard format of the account code is 5R.2LN2LN, which is designed for an account code up to 5 characters, followed by a period, then a 2-character left-justified profit center part, and then a second 2-character left-justified profit center part. The two parts to the profit center accommodate breakdowns within the profit center, such as division, department, or location. If you have more or fewer profit center parts or a different number of characters in your account code, you may have the code structure changed before installation. Please refer to your Vista™ software Pre-Installation Worksheet for more information about the structure options available for account codes. Your Pre-Installation Worksheet also indicates whether your company had the code defined as something other than the standard format.

Note: You can obtain a copy of the Pre-Installation Worksheet by contacting your Software Consultant.

If you wish to set up profit centers, departments, branches, or another type of breakdown you can use the Account Parts program to define them so that the account code includes the designation.

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