GL Financial Reporting

Viewpoint offers you a number of ways to generate financial reports. Meeting a wide range of needs are options like standard reports within Vista, choice of a much more robust application called Financial Manager, or even third-party offerings.

There are three main ways to generate financial reports in Vista.

The following are the three basic GL reports you can set up in the General Ledger module:
  • GL Income Statement

  • GL Balance Sheet

  • GL Statement of Cash Flow

In GL Report Categories, you define a series of major and minor categories that can then be assigned to a GL Account Part 1 Instance. These major and minor category codes are then used to categorize and group financial statement sections within these reports. For more information, see About the GL Report Categories Form.
The setup of the GL Balance Sheet and GL Statement of Cash Flow reports depends in part on the setup of the GL Income Statement report, so it is recommended that you set up the reports in this order:
  1. Setting Up a GL Income Statement Report
  2. Setting Up a GL Balance Sheet Report
  3. Setting Up a GL Statement of Cash Flow Report
Once you have completed the setup, you can run the reports from the Reports menu under General Ledger.

Third-party-generated reports using the data in Vista

Viewpoint has partnered with insightsoftware to provide your organization with two (2) no-cost Silver licenses of their Spreadsheet Server application. This product provides a way for you to access live reporting data using Excel. Visit their site for more information, including technical requirements, answers to frequently asked questions, and to request a demo.

Important: As of March 1, 2021, customers must activate their two (2) no-cost Silver licenses within 90 days from the date of Go Live. A program is in place to make sure customers are aware of the process for request and activation, so that they are ready to implement the financial reporting tool commensurate with their go-live date.

All no-cost Silver licenses currently at sites remain in effect for as long as the customer remains in good standing and continues to use Spreadsheet Server.

For more information, see insightsoftware Spreadsheet Server FAQ.