About the GL Auto Reversal Entry Form

Use the GL Auto Reversal Entry form to automatically post reversing entries for any or all of the transactions that have been posted in a prior month to a journal flagged for reversals.

Initializing Transactions

You must initialize auto reversal entries before editing or posting may take place. If you have not initialized entries, the GL Auto Reversal Init form will display automatically after you open the batch. Once you complete initialization, the posting form (GL Auto Reversal Entry) is displayed. If you wish to initialize additional entries after the batch is opened, you can do so by selecting the Initialize Entries option from the File menu.

Editing Transactions

All of the transactions flagged to be reversed from the specified journal will be listed on this screen with their proposed reversing entries. You may edit them as necessary before they are posted to the General Ledger. As they are posted, the original transaction will be flagged as reversed, and the cycle is complete.

To keep a transaction from being posted in this batch, use the delete option. Deleting a transaction here does not erase it from the file, it just removes it from the batch. The next time you specify reversing entries from this journal, the transactions that are deleted here will appear again to remind you they have not yet been reversed.

Note: Once a reversal batch is posted, you cannot edit or delete the transactions. If you posted a reversal in error, you will need to make new entries (GL Journal Transaction Entries) to adjust/correct the error.

Posting Transactions

When the transactions for this batch have been verified and edited as required, select the Batch Process option from the File menu to validate and post the entries.


Once a transaction is reversed it cannot be called up again for later reversal.

The net journal entry for all reversing entries must equal zero.

Note: Memo accounts are not included in the balance check and therefore, will not prevent the batch from being posted if they are not in balance (i.e. do not net to zero); however, all other accounts must net to zero in order for the batch to be processed.