About Profit Centers

Profit centers are individual revenue-producing entities within a company.

You may have multiple levels of profit centers such as division, location, and department.You may define these levels using the Account Parts program.

One example of profit center designations is as follows:

You have a 2-part, 4-character profit center code with each part using 2 characters. One part defines the division, the other part the department. The Labor account (5010) in Division 01 in Department 30 could be set up as:



5.0130.010 (where 5 designates Cost of Sales, 0130 the Division/Department, and 010 designates labor)

Note: In the above example, use of the period (.) separator is not required.

Using profit centers, as defined in the system, allows you to:

  • print the standard Trial Balance by profit center.

  • set up accounts for one profit center and automatically copy them to another using the Chart Copier.

  • initialize budgets by profit center.

  • allow consolidating at any level within the profit center.

For information about defining account parts, see About the GL Account Parts Form.