Associating Tax Codes with GST Reporting Items

To prepare a Business Activity Statement (BAS) for GST reporting, you must associate GST tax codes with reporting items on the HQ Business Activity Statement Report and the HQ Goods and Services Tax Report.

The items on both reports are G1 (total sales), G2 (export sales), G3 (other GST-free sales), G10 (capital purchases), and G11 (non-capital purchases). Once tax codes are associated with reporting items, and you start preparing a BAS and generating reporting amounts, the system will calculate these amounts and place them in the appropriate item fields on the reports.

To associate a tax code with a reporting item:

  1. In the HQ BAS Process form, select the GST Tax Codes tab and enter the item number in the Item field, or press F4 to see a list of items.
  2. Enter the appropriate tax code in the Tax Code field.
  3. If desired, associate multiple tax codes with a reporting item by entering additional lines specifying the report item and the additional tax code(s) as necessary.

    After you have associated tax codes with GST reporting items the first time, the items and associated codes will display on the GST Tax Codes tab for all subsequent tax years and sequences. If you need to assign additional tax codes to reporting items, you can do so on the GST Tax Codes tab for the current tax year/sequence and they will appear for all future years/sequences.