Set up Company Information for ATO Tax Years

Use the HQ ATO Tax Years form to set up company information for each tax year. The information entered in this form is used to prepare tax and financial data for reports to submit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

  1. In the Tax Year field, enter the current tax year. For past years, press F4 to select from a list of tax years previously created in this form.
The system defaults information in all of the fields in the Company Information section from HQ Company Setup (with the exception of the Tax File # field), plus the Phone number in the Contact section.
  2. In the Tax File # field, enter your tax file number.

    The ATO does not require that you provide a TFN, but if you do not provide one there may be processing delays for FBT returns.

  3. In the Company Information section, update any additional fields as necessary. However, any changes you make here will not update HQ Company Setup.
  4. In the Contact section of the form, enter the information for the contact person at your organization. The ATO will contact this person about any questions regarding the reports that you are submitting. You can modify this as necessary. A change to the Phone field will not update HQ Company Setup.
  5. In the Signature of Employer field, enter the name of the employer.
  6. In the Report Date field, enter the reporting date to use for ATO reports.

    This date is an initial default for each of the reports that you will be preparing with the information on this form. Later, you can change this date for any of the specific reports on their corresponding forms. Any changes to this field will not update already existing records.

  7. Save the record.
Once you have set up this standard information, you can now create fringe benefit tax returns, PAYG summaries, and Business Activity Statment (BAS) reports.