About Changing a Batch's Restriction

All batches throughout the system are tracked in HQ Batch Control.

The information on this form is set up when you create a batch in any of the posting programs (e.g., AP Transaction Entry, GL Journal Transaction Entry, PR Timecards, etc.). However, you can edit the Restricted Acces.

The HQ Batch Control form allows you to change the restriction status for a batch as long as the batch has not been posted (Status 5) or canceled (Status 6), and the batch is yours (i.e. created by the login you are currently using).

For example, you begin a batch for posting year-end Journal Entries in GL. Your batches are normally unrestricted, but you need to keep this batch open for an undetermined amount of time and do not want other users to access the batch. Using this form, select the Restricted Access check box on the batch so that only you have access to it.

When changing the restriction status on an existing batch, you can use the HQ Batches report to find the name of Audit File in which the desired batch is located.