About Clearing the In Use/Posted By Field

All batches throughout the system are tracked in HQ Batch Control.

The information on this form is set up when you create a batch in any of the posting programs (e.g. AP Transaction Entry, GL Journal Transaction Entry, PR Timecards, etc.). However, you can edit the In Use/Posted By field.

The In Use/Posted By field on the HQ Batch Control form identifies which user is currently working with the batch. As long as there is an entry in this field, the batch cannot be accessed by another user. However, if necessary, you can clear this field to open up access to a batch, as long as the batch has not been processed (Status 5) or cancelled (Status 6). The most common reason for clearing this field is when a batch’s update procedure is interrupted (indicated by a Status of 4) and you need access to the batch to complete the update.

Note: If your security setup does not allow you access to HW Batch Control form, you can still clear the value in the In Use/Posted By field for batches you have locked via the Batch Selection form. Right-click in the In Use/Posted By column (of the desired Batch Selection form) and select the Unlock Batch option. This will clear the In Use/Posted By value and allow you to get back into your batch.