About Setting Up Additional HQ Companies

Once you have set up your first HQ company, you can set up any additional companies that may be used for processing.

Any company that you plan to set up in another module must first be set up in the HQ Company Setup program.

The master files that you set up with your first HQ company DO NOT need to be set up again. They are used for all companies and all modules. Changes or additions made to these files in one company will always update all companies.

Tax codes, Material Categories, and Materials are set up by group rather than as master files. This allows you the flexibility of having tax codes, material categories, and materials specific to each company or sharing these files amongst multiple companies. Groups are set up in HQ Groups and assigned to each company in HQ Company Setup. If more than one company will share the same tax codes, material categories, and/or materials, you will assign the same tax group and/or material group to those companies.

When you set up tax codes, material categories, and materials, they are automatically set up in the group assigned to the active company. For example, say you assign Tax Group #2 and Material Group #3 to Company #1. If you are working in Company #1 and you set up a new tax code, that tax code will be set up in Tax Group #2. New material categories or materials that you set up while Company #1 is active will be set up in Material Group #3. If multiple companies share either of these groups, they will automatically have access to the new codes.

Note: If multiple companies are sharing the same tax codes and/or material categories/materials, the GL accounts, JC phases, and JC cost types you assign to those codes must exist in each company.