About the HQ Company Setup Form

Use this form to set up each company in which processing in any other modules will occur.

Once you set up a company in this form, you must also set up that company in the Company Parameters form of each of the other modules that will process data for that company. You cannot access a company in any module if it is not first set up here.

You must designate a default country for each company you set up. The system will use the default country to validate the state or region (e.g. province, territory, etc.) specified when entering addresses on forms throughout the software. If the state or region is valid for the default country, the related form will not require entry of a country code. However, if the state or region is not valid for the default country, you will need to specify a country code for that address.

If you have the Workflow module and are using the Process Workflow feature, you can use the Workflow tab to define which workflow processes should apply to the entire company - for example if a workflow applies to all of the purchase orders in a specific company. You can override the workflows defined here for specific modules, as well as for specific projects/jobs,inventory locations, equipment departments, and so forth. For more information about the workflow process and hierarchy, see Process Workflow.


You may want to consider setting up a test company (such as Company #99) that you can used can be used for practicing, testing, or experimenting with various company options.


Changing a company logo