Forms to Use in Setting Up Your First HQ Company

When you set up your first Headquarters company, there are several programs that must be run to set up initial information that will be used throughout the system.

The information set up in these programs will become the master files used by all companies.

  • Company Setup

  • Earn Types

  • Frequency Codes

  • Groups

  • Hold Codes

  • Insurance Codes

  • Liability Types

  • States

  • Countries

  • Units of Measure

In addition to the initial set-up programs, there are other programs that you can use to define optional information that may affect processing in the accounting modules. With the exception of Material Categories, Materials, and Tax Codes, these master files will also be used by all companies.

  • Compliance Codes

  • Compliance Groups

  • Reviewers

  • Material Categories

  • Materials

  • Payment Terms

  • SMSA Codes

  • Tax Codes