Set up HQ Contacts

You will use the HQ Contacts form to set up the contacts that will be used in the Service Management module.

You can associate HQ contacts with AR customers, AP vendors, and/or PM firms. You can also associate contacts with organizations not defined in the Viewpoint system.

To set up an HQ contact:

  1. From the Vista main menu, select Headquarters > Programs.
  2. Double-click on the HQ Contacts icon to open the HQ Contacts form.
  3. In the Contact Seq field, enter a sequence number or enter N, New, or + to have the system automatically generate a sequence number for you.
  4. In the Courtesy Title field, enter the courtesy designation for this contact (e.g. Mr., Ms., Jr., etc.).

    Leave blank if no courtesy title applies.

  5. Use the First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name fields to enter the contact's full name.
  6. In the Title field, enter the job title for this contact (e.g. Project Manager, Controller, CEO, President, etc.).

    Leave blank if no title applies.

  7. Using the Phone, Ext, Cell, and Fax) field, enter the contact's phone, cell, and fax numbers.
  8. Use the Address fields to enter the contact's complete address.
    Note: You will only need to enter the country if the address is outside the Default Country specified for the active company (in HQ Company Setup).
  9. In the Email Address field, enter the contact's email address, if applicable.
    Note: You can can enter multiple email addresses if applicable; however, you must separate them with a semi-colon (for example,;;
  10. Save the record.

    Once set up here, you can assign contacts to service customers (in SM Customers), service sites (in SM Service Sites), and work orders (in SM Work Orders).