About the HQ Compliance Codes Form

Compliance codes are used to define the different types of compliance you want to track—in other words, the requirements a vendor, subcontractor, or supplier must meet on a particular Purchase Order or Subcontract, as well as those that a vendor must meet on any non-PO/SL invoices (e.g. insurance certificates for outside haulers).

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For example, you may want to track compliance for the following:

  • Certified Payroll Reports

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Monthly Waiver of Right To Lien

  • Satisfaction of Lien

  • Bonds

Compliance codes are used in AP (AP Vendor Compliance), PO (Compliance), and SL (SL Compliance), and are shared by ALL companies. You can assign compliance codes individually to a subcontract or purchase order, or you can use compliance groups to initialize multiple compliance codes to a subcontract or purchase order. Compliance groups are set up in HQ Compliance Groups.

If you are tracking vendor compliance for subcontracts, purchase orders, or non-PO/SL invoices, compliance codes must be set up individually for the vendor in AP Vendor Compliance.

'All Invoice' Compliance Tracking

The "Use This Code for 'All Invoice' Compliance" option allows you to specify whether a compliance code will be used to verify vendor compliance for all invoices or only PO/SL invoices. If checked, it specifically allows you to include non-PO/SL invoices when verifying vendor compliance, but will also include compliance checks for purchase orders and subcontracts (i.e. vendor compliance is checked at the header level for all invoices, then at the line level for PO and SL lines). If this option is not checked, the compliance code will be used to verify compliance for purchase order and subcontract-related invoices only.

Note: It is recommended that you set up separate codes for PO, SL, and non-PO/SL compliance, and that you do not assign non-PO/SL compliance codes to purchase orders or subcontracts.

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