Initializing Materials to Inventory Locations

Once you have set up a material (in HQ Materials), you can add that material to one or more Inventory locations in IN Location Materials.

Materials can be set up for a location manually or through initialization. The following steps will guide you through the process of initializing materials to inventory locations using the HQ Material Insert Locations form.

  1. Open the HQ Materials form and select the material to initialize to Inventory.
  2. Make sure the Stocked in Inventory box is checked for the material. Materials must have this box checked in order to be set up for an inventory location.
  3. Click Initialize Inventory.
The HQ Material Insert Location form displays.

    You can also access this form from HQ Materials by selecting File > Initialize Inventory.

  4. In the IN Co field, enter the IN company to which you are initializing this material.
    Note: The IN company specified here must use the same material group as the currently active company.
  5. From the UM Insert Options group box, select the appropriate UM option.
    1. Select the All UM's option to initialize all units of measure defined for the material.
    2. Select the Select UM option to select a specific unit of measure to initialize. Then in the space to the right, enter the unit of measure to initialize for this material. Must be a valid unit of measure defined for the material as the standard UM or any unit of measure set up on the Additional Units of Measure tab (in HQ Materials).
  6. From the Location Insert Options group box, select the appropriate location option.
    1. Select the Locations without Materialto display all locations that do not already stock the material.
    2. Select the All Locations option to show all locations defined for the IN company.
  7. Check the Active Locations box to further restrict locations to only those flagged as 'Active' in IN Locations. To show all locations, active or inactive, leave the Active Locations box unchecked.
  8. From the list of locations, check the Location box for each location to which you are initializing the material. If you want to initialize the material for all listed locations, check the Insert Material into all Locations box (below grid).
  9. After you have selected all applicable locations, click Insert.
The system displays a message indicating the material and additional UMs were successfully inserted at selected locations.
  10. Click Close.
  11. Repeat process as necessary for any other applicable IN companies.
    Note: You can also initialize a range of materials or material categories to a location using IN Material Initialize.

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