Payment Discounts

The Payment Discounts defined for a material in HQ Materials are only for use with Material Sales, and determine discount amounts when posting in the Material Sales invoice programs.

In order for the discount information entered in HQ Materials to be used however, you must have checked the ‘Discount based on Material’ option in HQ Payment Terms for the payment terms code specified when entering the MS invoice.

If discounts are going to be calculated on a per unit basis, select the Units radio button, and enter the amount per unit to use. If discounts are going to be calculated on the material total, select the Rate radio button, and enter the rate (%) of the material total to use.

Note: If you set up additional units of measure for a material in the HQ Material Unit of Measure window, and payment discounts are used, you can override the standard payment discount rate/amount specified for the material on a per U/M basis.

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