About the HQ SMSA Codes Forms

Use this form to set up SMSA (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area) codes and minority goals, as defined by the US Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration, which is administered by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

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Each state has designated areas in which certain minority employment goals have been established. This form allows you to set up SMSA codes for any of these areas in which your company performs jobs. Although you can set up your own SMSA codes, it is suggested that you use the federally designated codes.

Minority goals are established by "Economic Area". Each area consists of SMSA counties and non-SMSA counties. Therefore, codes should be set up likewise. The following is an example of how you might set up SMSA codes using the federal standards.


Alabama :


Mobile , AL :

SMSA Counties:

5160 Mobile , AL .


AL Baldwin, AL Mobile

6026 Pascagoula, MS.


MS Jackson

Non-SMSA Counties.


AL Choctaw; AL Clarke; AL Conecuh;

AL Escambia; AL Monroe; AL Washington;

AL Wilcox; MS Geroge; MS Greene

If you elect to set up an SMSA code for Baldwin Alabama, you would use the code specified for Mobile, AL (047) and the code specified for the county, in this case 5160. Therefore, your SMSA code would be 0475160, and the minority goal would be 26.9%.

If you elect to set up an SMSA code for a Non-SMSA county, you would use the 3-digit code assigned to the city under which the selected county resides. For example, if you set up a code for ClarkeCounty, use 047 as the SMSA code and 26.4% as the minority goal.

Remember,this is just an example. You may or may not be required to use the government standards, based on the field of work being performed and the agency to which you report.

When to Use SMSA Codes

Once you have set up SMSA codes (in HQ SMSA Codes), they will be used to determine the minority goals that must be met when performing designated jobs. When you set up the job in JC Jobs, you must specify the SMSA code that identifies the SMSA or Non-SMSA area in which you are performing the job. When you report Equal Employment Opportunity information to the US Department of Labor, you can have the report print employment detail by SMSA code. The report will show the designated Minority and Female goals, as well as the percent (%) of goal actually met.