Field Definitions: HQ States Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the HQ States form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Enter the 2-character country (from HQ Countries) for which you are setting up this state or region (e.g. province, territory, etc.).


Enter the abbreviation (in all caps) that identifies this state or region (e.g. province, territory, etc.). Up to 4 characters allowed.

Full State Name

Enter the full name of the state or region (e.g. province, territory, etc.), up to 30 characters.

W2 Name

For U.S. only.

Enter the state name, up to 10 characters, to use when printing W-2s and other forms.

Resident State

For U.S. only.

Enter each of the states with which the current state has reciprocal agreements for interstate employment.Reciprocal agreements allow employees who live in one state and work in another pay state tax for only the state in which they reside.