Field Definitions: HQ Reviewers Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the HQ Reviewers form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Reviewer field in the HQ Reviewers form header

This is a unique code that identifies each reviewer. For example, you can use the initials of the reviewer or create a numeric code.

The reviewer code can be up to 3 characters long.


Name field in the HQ Reviewers form

Enter the reviewer’s name, up to 30 characters.


Active check box in the HQ Reviewers form

Check this box if this Reviewer can be assigned to perform reviews.

If you deactivate a reviewer, you may receive a message that the reviewer is currently assigned as a reviewer, and asks you to manually replace with another "active" reviewer in any listed locations.

The system may also notify you that the particular reviewer you are attempting to deactivate is the Responsible Person in at least one HQ Reviewer Group and therefore cannot be inactivated in HQ Reviewers. In such an instances, you must change the Responsible Person in that particular reviewer group in order to deactivate the selected reviewer.

Approve with missing data

Approve with missing data check box in the HQ Reviewers form.

The setting on this check box provides the default value that is applied by the system when you add this reviewer to a reviewer group in the HQ Reviewer Group form and when the reviewer gets placed on an invoice line in the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form. Other factors may override this default setting at the invoice line level. See About Reviewer Groups' Interaction with Individual Reviewers for more details.

When the check box is selected on the invoice line, the reviewer can approve it even if it lacks some portion of data. This allows the lines to progress in the review process. The missing data must still be entered before posting, but can be entered at some time after the reviewer's approval.


Email field in the HQ Reviewers form

Enter this reviewer’s email address. The unapproved invoice queries (e.g. APUnappNotify, APUnappNotifyRange, APUnappNotifyWaiting, and APUnappRejectNotify) send emails to this address to alert this reviewer when unapproved invoices need their review/approval or have been rejected by other reviewers.

User Name

User Name field in the HQ Reviewers form, User Names tab

Enter the authorized user name for this reviewer as defined in VA User Profile.

In most cases, the reviewer’s user name is the only one you should enter here.

The exception to this is if any other users are authorized to review unapproved invoices on behalf of this reviewer; if so, add their user name(s) here as well. In order to review in behalf of this reviewer, other users whose names you enter here must use the Reviewer code assigned to this reviewer (not their own Reviewer code).

If you find you are using this option extensively, consider using the Optional Reviewer functionality.