Activating and Deactivating Reviewers

When setting up or editing Reviewers in the HQ Reviewers form, you can choose to set a reviewer as "active" (meaning they will have the ability to approve future unapproved invoices and/or timesheets), or deactivate them (to remove their ability to approve future unapproved invoices and/or timesheets).

The following instructions detail how to "deactivate" a reviewer, disabling their ability to approve future unapproved invoice and/or timesheets:

To deactivate a reviewer in HQ Reviewers:

  1. Highlight the particular reviewer on the grid.
  2. Deselect the Active checkbox next to the reviewer's name.
  3. Click Save Record.

    If you deactivate a reviewer, you may receive a message that the reviewer is currently assigned as a reviewer, and asks you to manually replace with another "active" reviewer in any listed locations.


    The system may also notify you that the particular reviewer you are attempting to deactivate is the Responsible Person in at least one HQ Reviewer Group and therefore cannot be inactivated in HQ Reviewers. In such an instances, you must change the Responsible Person in that particular reviewer group in order to deactivate the selected reviewer.