Adding Reviewers to Reviewer Groups

Add reviewers to AP unapproved invoice and PR timesheet reviewer groups.

Once you set up reviewers in the in HQ Reviewers form, you can begin setting up reviewer groups in the HQ Reviewer Group form by adding reviewers to the Reviewers tab. The number of steps for completing the group setup depends on the type of reviewer group you created (Invoice, for accounts payable invoices, or Timesheet, for payroll timesheets).

  1. Enter a reviewer’s ID in the Reviewer field. Press F4 for a list of valid reviewers. If you are creating a timesheet reviewer group, skip to step 6.
  2. Enter the sequence number for the reviewer in the Approval Sequence field.
    Note: Sequence numbers help determine the order in which reviewers can view invoices to approve them.
  3. For invoice groups only: in the Optional Reviewer column, select the check box for each optional reviewer. When more than one optional reviewer is assigned to a single approval sequence, only one approval is required in order for the process to advance. Refer to the F1 Help on this field for more detail.
  4. For invoice groups only: check the Approve with missing data box if the reviewer can approve an invoice/line even though it does not contain all data ultimately required to post.
  5. For invoice groups only: enter a threshold amount for the reviewer, if necessary. See About Thresholds for Unapproved Invoices for more information.
  6. Enter any additional information in the Notes field, as necessary.
  7. Repeat the process for any additional reviewers.
  8. Save the record as normal.

    Creating Reviewer Groups for Unapproved Invoices