Field Definitions: HQ Roles Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the HQ Roles form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Enter a code for this role. The code can be up to 20 characters long.

Examples of roles:

  • Project Manager

  • Project Coordinator

  • Concrete Coordinator

  • Steel Coordinator

  • Role code cannot be the same as a user set up in VA User Profile .

  • Roles cannot be deleted once assigned to any job or project.


Enter a description of the role. The description can be up to 60 characters long.


Check this box to activate this role. When checked, role can be assigned to jobs in JC Jobs or PM Projects.

Uncheck this box if this role is inactive and should not be assigned to jobs.


Setting a role to inactive does not remove it from F4 lookups or prevent its assignments to jobs/projects.

Usable In

Check this box for each of the modules listed below in which this role is used. For example, you might have a role of 'technician' that will only be used in Service Management, but a role of Electrician that might be used in all three.

  • Project Management

  • Pre-Construction

  • Service Management


These checkboxes are informational only; they are not currently being used anywhere else in the system.

Document Type

Select the type of document that the spending limit applies to. Currently the only option is PO - Purchase Order.

Sub Type

Select the PO line type that the spending limit applies to - for example job or inventory. Click here for detailed descriptions of the PO line types.


SM Work Order is the only PO item type that is not included in the list because the Process Workflow feature has not been implemented in the SM module.

You can also select 5 - All if it does not apply to a specific line type.

A line type can be assigned to PO items using the Item Type field in the lower portion of the PO Pending Purchase Orders form. All purchase orders items created using the PM Purchase Orders form have a type of 1-Job.

Spending Limit

Enter the spending limit.

Users who are assigned this role will be able to spend up to this limit based on the document type and sub-type.


Use this field to allow the role to go over the limit a certain percentage.

For example if the spending limit is $50,000 and the threshold is 2.00%, the role will be able to spend $51,000. This means that if a purchase order were written for $48,000 but taxes, freight, and additional charges pushed the total cost to $50,500, the role could still approve the PO because it is within the threshold.


Check this box if the spending limit it active.

The spending limit only applies when this box is checked.


Use this field to enter notes on the spending limit.

If you have a lot of notes to enter, double click in this field to launch the Grid Notes form.

User Name

Use this field to assign a specific user to this role. Press F4 to select a user from a list.

Users are created and maintained using the VA User Profile form, and they can also be assigned to roles using the Roles tab on that form.


Check this box if the user is active on this role.


Use this field to enter notes about a user and a role.

If you have a lot of notes to enter, you can double click in the field to launch the Grid Notes form.