Field Definitions: HQ User Spending Override Form

Sub Type

Use this field to select the PO item type that the spending limit and threshold applies to - for example select Job if the spending limit applies to any PO item that is associated with a PM/JC job.

You can also select All if the spending limit should apply to all PO item types.

A line type is assigned to PO items using the Item Type field in the lower portion of the PO Pending Purchase Orders form. If the PO item is created using the PM Purchase Orders form, it is automatically assigned a Job item type.


Use this field to allow the user to go over the limit a certain percentage.

For example if the spending limit is $50,000 and the threshold is 2.00%, the user will be able to spend $51,000. This means that if a PO item was written for $48,000 but taxes, freight, and additional charges pushed the total cost to $50,500, the PO item would not be included in a review/approval process.