Set Import Notifications

Set import notifications on each template that you want the system to notify you or others when an automatic data import is complete.

Tip: For example, you might set up a notification for your payroll employees when you finish importing payroll information from a third-party system.
To set up notification records for an automatic import using the IM Template form (Notifications tab):
  1. In the Seq field, enter N, New, or +.
  2. From the Type drop-down, select E-Email or V-Viewpoint User.
  3. Your selection in the Type drop-down affects your selection in the Destination Name field:
    • If you selected E-Email, enter the recipient's email address.

    • If you selected V-Viewpoint User, enter the user's login name or press F4 to select from a list.

    Note: When you select V-Viewpoint User, the ssystem uses the option selected for the user in the Notify By drop-down field in the VA User Profile form.
  4. Select at least one:
    Notify On Success 
    Notify On Failure 
    Attach Log Fileattaches a detailed log file to the notification message
    Note: The system does not send notifications when you process manual imports.
  5. Save your changes.