Tekla Imports

Additional Information about the Tekla import templates.

Three import templates are available for Tekla integrating with Vista; Tekla Job Cost Adjustment, Tekla Purchase Order, and Tekla PO Receipts Import.

With these imports, you can import Tekla data files, edit the data records as needed, and then upload the data into Vista. All three imports are 'batch' imports, meaning when you upload the data to Vista, the system generates a batch in the related form.

For example, the TeklaJCAdj import will generate a JC Cost Adjustments batch. You can then access the batch via the JC Cost Adjustments form, edit the entries as needed, and then process the batch.

To watch a video on how to utilize the import templates, click below.

Tekla Job Cost Adjustment

Export a Tekla PO for Importing to Vista

Import Tekla PO Files to Vista