Import Templates Determine Import Type

The import template that you are using determines the import type. On IM Template, the Import Type field identifies the import type. You can also identify the import type for a template by referring to the Upload Routine field on the Info tab.

  • Direct import templates: The bspIMUploadDirect or vspIMUploadHeaderDetailDirect (used for header/detail forms) routines indicate that the template is for a direct import.

  • Batch import templates: The: bspIMUpload or bspIMUploadHeaderDetail (used for header/detail forms) indicate that the template is for a batch import.

Typically, you will use the upload routine associated with the template you are using. However, you can create and reference your own routines in the Upload Routines field, as necessary.

For more information on the importing process, see Importing Data from Third-Party Systems.