Accounts Payable Unapproved Invoices

Additional Information about the AP Invoice import form.

This template defaults 3-VAT for the Tax Type field when the default company is something other than US (in HQ Company Setup).

If you import attachments with your unapproved AP invoices, you must use a comma delimited file format. In addition, the lines that indicate the document files must begin in column 1 with #ATTACHMENT (case insensitive).

If you are importing line level attachments, you must also include the Record Type and invoice line number for line attachment records.

For example, in the two attachment records highlighted below, record type APUL indicates that the attachment record is a line level attachment. The "1" shown after each record type indicates the attachment applies to invoice line "1" (of the associated invoice header).

For more information about setting up import templates to include attachments, see the Delimited File Format section of About Import File Formats.

Note: The APUnappInv and APUnappInvItems import forms allow you to create templates that import unapproved invoice header records and invoice lines (detail) records separately. However, you can import both header and detail records together by creating a single template that uses the APUnappInv import form, and then selecting the Multiple Table Import check box to indicate you are updating more than one table. You must then add the APUL record type (for unapproved invoice lines) to your template using the Record Types tab. The APUL identifiers will then appear in the template detail (Template Detail tab).