AP Payment Textura

The AP Payment Textura import handles paying retention in aggregate amounts.

It is strongly recommended that you set up a separate CM Account when using this template to import payment history information. This helps avoid running into check validation problems (e.g., the same check number was used in both the third-party application and in Vista™).

This import handles paying retention in aggregate amounts. In other words, the import applies the retainage total for a subcontract in the import file to each applicable transaction line in Vista™. If the retainage amount does not cover the actual paid retainage the import displays an error. An error also displays if the retainage amount is in excess of what has been previously paid.

When using this import template, the system pulls information into an AP payment batch. If you pull imported transactions into AP Payment Posting prior to posting the batch, the system will default the Check Type field to I-Import, and you will be unable to make any changes to the transaction, as it is a previously paid transaction. You can add additional transactions from the system into the batch and process them alongside the imported transactions, however.

Note: When importing amounts that are less than the open-to-pay amount of the invoice, the system will display an error message. The import process will not split payments.