PO Import for MMI

Additional Information about the PO Import for MMI template.

When importing material purchase records, you can have the records added to an existing purchase order in the Purchase Order (PO) module.

The Template Detail for the POHB record type includes an AllowAddItemToExistingPO identifier (#155). To allow adding material records to an existing purchase order, make sure the User Default Value field for this identifier is set to Y (default).

During the import process, the system adds the material records as items to an existing purchase order. If a material already exists on a purchase order item, a new purchase order item is added; the import does not update the values for the material on the existing purchase order item. If no purchase order is found, a new purchase order is created.

If you always want a new purchase order created for material records, set the User Default Value field to N.

Note: As with other standard Viewpoint templates, it is recommended that you copy this template and make your modifications to the copy. This prevents your modifications from being overwritten if an update is made to the template for a release.