This is a direct import (i.e., data is uploaded directly to the data table) that allows for inserting new records and updating existing ones.

However, because required materials can be set up for work orders, agreement services, work order quotes, standard tasks, and class maintenance tasks, this import requires a "parent type" to identify the table to which the record should be linked. Parent types are identified as follows:

Record Type

Parent Type

Work Orders


Agreement Services


Work Order Quotes


Standard Tasks


Class Maintenance Tasks


There are two methods by which you can designate the parent type for an import:

  • Template Detail (Recommended) - If you regularly import required materials for each of the record types indicated above, you can create a template for each type and then set the appropriate parent type for each template. For example, if you import required materials for work order quotes, you could set up a template called "ReqMatlsQuotes". Then in the Template Detail, you would set the User Default Value for the Parent Type Identifier (#110) to 11.

  • Text File - Add a column for the parent type to your text file and supply the parent type for each applicable record. Then in the Template Detail, specify the column location. If your data format is Delimited, this will be the Record Column number. If your data format is Fixed Width, this will be the Beginning Position/Ending Position numbers.

When importing required material records, if the Tax Type identifier is set to Use Viewpoint Default, the system will set the Tax Type for each record based on the Price Method and Material Tax Override defined for the work order scope, quote scope, or agreement service. If you do not use the Viewpoint default, and the Tax Type value does not correspond to the Material Tax Override value, the system will produce an error and you will need to correct the value in IM Work Edit.