Assign a Validation Procedure

Validation procedures are assigned to a field using the Validation section of the Form Properties (F3) window, System Overrides tab.

This topic gives a general overview of assigning validation procedures. For more information on the F3 window, refer to F3 (Field Properties) in Related Topics below.

To assign a validation procedure in the F3 window:

  1. Select the Value is required check box if the field requires input.
  2. Select the appropriate validation level from the Level drop-down. For additional information on available level options, refer to F1 help for the Level field.
  3. Enter the custom validation procedure in the Procedure field. Press F4 for a list of available custom procedures.
  4. Specify the parameter(s) in the Parameters field if the validation procedure is searching for a specific column. Typically, this is the field’s sequence number (indicated in the Field Seq# field). This is matching the form’s input sequence to the parameter specified in the validation.
  5. Click Apply . The validation procedure is now set for the field.
  6. Click Cancel to close the F3 window.
    Note: If you want to have the validation description to display when you are viewing the field from the Grid tab, select the Show In Grid checkbox on the System Overrides tab. Then, from the Description in Grid drop-down, select 1-Show Above Grid Only. The system will display the description field above the active Grid tab. You can only select to have the description field display above the grid; you cannot set it to display from within the grid.