Enable UD Lookups Integration in Vista

In Vista, indicate which UD forms you want to make available as predefined answers in Field View. Only the UD forms you select will be converted.

  1. Log in to Vista.
  2. Expand the User Database folder, and then click the Programs folder.
  3. Open the UD User Defined Lookups form.
  4. Select the Grid tab. The default first column is titled Enable for Field Capture.
  5. For each UD lookup that you want to make available in Field View, select the Enable for Field Capture check box.
    Note: If a UD form contains fields that reference UD lookups, make sure to select the Enable for Field Capture check box for those referenced UD lookups. Otherwise, when the UD form is converted to a Field View form template, those fields will appear as plain text fields rather than predefined answers.
In Team, once the application has refreshed, the selected UD Lookups will be available to convert to Field View form templates and predefined answers.
Continue to the Admin Center in Team to convert the selected UD lookups.