Overview of Setup for User Defined (UD) Forms and UD Lookups Integration

Review the setup steps to take advantage of UD forms and UD lookups integration with Field View.

  1. Review the System Requirements to make sure your system is configured to support UD forms and UD lookups integration.
  2. In Vista, identify the UD forms and/or UD lookups you want to enable in Field View, and make sure they are selected as Enable for Field Capture. Once selected, they will be available in Team to convert to Field View form templates and predefined answers.

    For details, see Enable UD Forms Integration in Vista and Enable UD Lookups Integration in Vista.

  3. In Team, convert UD forms and/or UD lookups.
    • Identify the UD forms that you want to expose in Field View and convert them to form templates.
    • Identify the UD lookups you want to expose in Field View and convert them to predefined answers in Field View.

    For details, see "Convert UD Forms to Form Templates" and "Convert UD Lookups to Predefined Answers" in the Team help system.

  4. In Field View Classic, set permissions for the Vista Workflow. Then locate the converted form templates and make them available to your project.
    • Set permissions for the form template.
    • Assign the form template to a project.

    For details, see "Set 'Vista Workflow' Permissions" and "Use an Imported Form Template" in the Field View help system.

  5. In Field View Classic, apply the predefined answers to forms in your project.
    • Assign the Predefined Answer to a question on a form (using the Form Designer).
    • Assign the updated form to a project.
  6. In the Field View (New or Classic) web application or Field View mobile, begin using the imported form template or imported predefined answers.
    • You can add a form using the new template with the form type “Vista Imported Forms.”
    • For the form that was updated with imported predefined answers, you can add a new instance of the form, and use predefined answers as options in the form.

For the complete UD integration setup instructions, see the Getting Started Guide on ClearView.