Initialize Security Settings to All Groups or Users in the Grid

If you want to set the same security level for all groups or users in the grid at once, you can use the initialization feature.

If you re-initialize settings for all users, any modifications previously made to individual users will be changed to match that of all users.

The following instructions detail how to initialize the same security settings to all items in the grid.

  1. In VA Form Security, filter for the appropriate records. For more information, see Filtering the VA Form Security Grid. 
When you click the Refresh Grid button, the Initialize Access Level button becomes available.
    Important: Be very careful to filter information correctly before initializing. When you click the Initialize Access Level button, the system changes all records in the grid, not just the ones that are visible.
  2. Click Initialize Access Level.
    The Initialize Security Access form opens
  3. In the Initialize Security Access form, select an access level option from the Access Level section of the form.
  4. In the Record Permissions section, check all appropriate permissions checkboxes (Add, Update, and/or Delete). When you select a box, users are able to perform that action on the forms in the grid.
  5. In the Attachment Permissions section, select an option (View Only, Add, Add, Edit, or Add, Edit, Delete).
  6. Click OK.
The Initialize Security Access form closes, and all groups and users now display the specified access level and record permissions in the VA Form Security grid.
    Note: If you selected the Tab access level, only forms with multiple tabs are affected. The access level for all other forms does not change from its initial state. For more information on setting Tab security, see Applying Tab Security Settings.
  7. Change the access level or permissions in the grid for specific users or groups as necessary. For more information, see Manually Assign Security to Each Group or User.
  8. Click the Apply button.
The system updates group and user security settings.
  9. If desired, click the Refresh Grid button again to clear the grid.

    Note: If you deny access to a form, its icon is grayed out in the associated module’s Programs folder and is inaccessible to the user. To hide or view inaccessible forms, users can select View > Display Accessible Items Only from the Main Menu toolbar.