Manually Assign Security to Each Group or User

When setting security for individuals groups or users, use the grid to assign access levels and record permissions.

Note: Users who need to run cross-company reports should be given access to the report(s) in all applicable companies.

To manually assign security:

  1. In VA Report Security, filter for the appropriate records. For more information, see Filtering the VA Report Security Grid.
  2. In the grid, expand the hierarchical view so that you can see all of the items in the grid.
  3. For each record in the grid for which you want to assign security, select an access level from under the Access column drop-down list.
  4. Click the Apply button. The system displays a message that the security was successful. The system updates the group (or user) security.
  5. If desired, click the Refresh Grid button again to clear the grid.
    • If you later initialize settings for all users, any modifications made to individual users will be changed to match that of all users. For more information, see Initialize Security Settings to All Groups or Users in the Grid.
    • If you deny access to a report, its icon is grayed-out in the associated module’s Reports folder and is inaccessible to the user. To hide or view inaccessible reports, users can select View > Display Accessible Items Only from the Main Menu toolbar.