Setting Tab Security Access

Tab security allows you to set security by individual tabs on a form.

If you set the access level for a group or user to Access by Tab Page in VA Form Security, you will need to set permissions for each tab. Tab security permissions work with form record permissions to determine how users interact with the form. Tab security permissions determine whether a user can access the tab, while the form record permissions determine whether the user can add, edit, or delete records from the tab. For more information, see VA Tab Security.

The following instructions detail how to apply tab security.

  1. From the VA Form Security form, filter for the appropriate records. See Filtering the VA Form Security Grid for more information.
  2. Select 1-ByTab for the applicable record(s) in the Access column of the grid.
    Note: You can also initialize settings for multiple records. For more information, refer to Applying Form Security Settings.
  3. Click the Apply button.
  4. Select the record in the grid.
  5. Click the Tab Security button. The VA Tab Security form displays.
  6. Set tab access levels in VA Tab Security.
  7. Close VA Tab Security. The system returns focus to VA Form Security.
  8. Apply additional form security settings or close VA Form Security.