Disabling Datatype Security

Disable datatype security.

Use the VA Data Security Setup form to disable datatype security that has previously been set up.

Note: The Secure Tables tab displays all tables that contain an occurrence of the specified datatype, the field name (Instance Column), and the Qualifier Column (the qualifier is generally the company). Field names may differ between forms. For example, if the datatype is ‘bEmployee’, the instance column might be called 'Employee’ on one form and ‘Contact Name’ on another.
  1. In the VA Data Security Setup form, enter the datatype in the Datatype field.
  2. Uncheck the Secure Datatype box.
  3. Save the record.
The system displays a dialog box asking if you want to clear the security group setting for all datatype instances.
  4. Click Yes to have the system clear the security group for each instance in all companies.
  5. Click the Regenerate Views button.
The VA View Generator form displays.
  6. Use the VA View Generator form to regenerate views. For more information, see VA View Generator.
  7. Close VA View Generator.
Focus returns to VA Data Security Setup. The system clears the Secured box for each table that was secured.
    Note: The Apply Security checkbox remains checked for any specified tables.