Field Definitions: VA Data Security Setup

The following is a list of field descriptions for the VA Data Security Setup form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Default Security Group

Default Security Group field on the VA Data Security Setup form

Enter the default security group for this datatype. The system automatically grants this security group access to any new occurrence of this datatype, based on which tables are in use (Apply Security check box selected on the Secure Tables tab). To assign access to this datatype for any other security group, use VA Data Security Access.

Note: If you leave this field blank, upon saving the record (or moving to the grid), a message displays indicating that the default security group is missing. You can save the record, but it is suggested that you assign a default security group to prevent having to assign them manually (via VA Data Security Access).

Changing the Security Group

If you change the default security group for a datatype, a message displays indicating that the default security group has changed and asks if you want to update all instances with the new default security group. If you select Yes, all instances where the existing security group matches the previous default security group (that is, the one you changed), or is blank, update with the new security group. The system leaves all other instances intact.


Changing the security group here does not affect additional security set up on the JC Jobs (Security Group field), JC Contracts (Security Grp field), and PR Group Master (Group Security tab) forms.