Field Definitions: VA Form Security Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the VA Form Security form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


The Companies selection box on the VA Form Security form.

Select the company or companies by which to filter the grid for setting security. To set security for all companies, select the Global checkbox.

If you do not see the Global option or other company options in this list, you may not have been granted form security permissions to administer form security for those companies.

Note: The Global option sets the same security level across all companies. If you add any additional companies in the future, users who have access at the Global level will have access to those new companies as well.

Select By

The Select By selection box on the VA Form Security form

Select the appropriate option by which to filter the gird for setting security. The option you select here determines what displays in the Groups/Users/Forms selection box.

  • Group # — Select this option to filter by the security group number. The groups will display in numerical order.

  • Group Name — Select this option to filter by the security group name. The groups will display box in alphabetical order.

  • User — Select this option to filter by user name.

  • Form — Select this option to filter by form. If you have selected one or more options in the Modules field, the related forms will display in alphabetical order.


The Groups/Users/Form selection box on the VA Form Security form.

The name of this field and the options displayed in it change depending on the option you selected in the Select By field. If you selected Form in the Select By field, this field's options also change depending on the options you selected in the Modules field.

Select the Group(s), User(s), or Form(s) by which to filter data populated to the grid.

  • To find options in the selection box, type in the Search field to filter options in the selection box. The Search field is case-sensitive.

  • To find options by first letter or number, type that character to automatically check the first option starting with that letter or number in the selection box. If you type the character again, the system will check the next option with the same first character.

  • To filter by all, select the All check box. If you have first filtered the selection box by using the Search field, using All will select all of the filtered options, but will not select options not found by the search.