About the VA Tab Security Form

Use this form to set up security by tab. In order to set tab security, you must apply tab access level security for the specified form in VA Form Security.

Tab security access levels work with form record permissions to determine how users interact with the form. Tab security levels determine whether a user can access the tab, while the form record permissions determine whether the user can add, edit, or delete records from the tab. For more information, see Applying Tab Security.

Note: For header/detail forms, you can set security levels separately for each section by checking the “Allow security for this form to be maintained separately” box in Form Properties. For more information, see Form Properties.

The following list briefly discusses each access level.

  • Full – Use this option to grant full access to the tab.

  • Read Only – Use this option to grant read-only access to the tab.

  • Denied – Use this option to deny access to the tab and hide the tab from the user.

  • None – This option does not set any specific access to the form.


Setting Tab Security Access

Note: Whenever you add, change, or delete a record in this form, the system creates an audit record in the HQMA (HQ Master Audit) table. You can view a list of audit records by running the HQ Audit Detail report for the DDTS table.