Copying User or Group Security

You can transfer security settings from an individual user or group to another user or group.

When you copy security permissions, the system copies only those permissions from companies to which your user account also has access. Your access is determined by the security permissions given to your user account in VA Form Security. If VA Security Administration is turned on, you can copy security for only the company/module combinations for which you were given permissions in the VA Security Administration form.

To copy security settings from a user or group to another user or group:

  1. In VA Copy User/Group Security, in the From section, select to copy from either User or Group security.
  2. Enter the user or group that you are copying the security from in the Name / Group Number field. You can also press F4 to select one from a list.
  3. In the To section, select to copy security to either User(s) or Group(s).
  4. In the Security Type section, select a radio button to specify the type of security to copy.
  5. In the Names field, select the user(s) or group(s) to transfer security to.
  6. Click Apply to copy security. A warning displays.
  7. To copy security, click Yes.