Creating Custom Form Buttons to Open Reports

When creating custom form buttons with VA Custom Form Buttons, you can decide to have the button open a report.

To create a custom button that opens a specific report:

  1. Open the VA Custom Form Buttons form.
  2. Click the New Record () icon in the toolbar at the top of the form.
  3. Press F4 in the Form field and select the form to which you are adding the button.
  4. Enter a ‘+’ in the Button ID field and the system will automatically assign it the next available ID number.
  5. This number distinguishes this button from all other custom buttons on the specified form.
  6. Enter the text that will display on the button in the Text field.
  7. Select Report in the Action Type drop-down.
  8. Press F4 in the Action field and select the report to use.
  9. On the Parameters tab, specify any parameter settings that you want to pass to the report. More
  10. Open the form where you placed the button.
  11. Select Tools > Move Custom Buttons to move and resize the button.
  12. Click Accept once you have positioned the button.
    Note: If you reposition a button outside of the normal tab control area, the button will not be included in the input/tabbing order.